Who is the Microsoft Surface for?

This is my question of the day.

The quick answer is: It is not for me. That is for sure. I have used the current gen Surface Pro and an RT. They are thick, heavy, and in the case of the Pro, expensive. Microsoft admits up front that they barely expect you to use the Surface as a tablet since they push their keyboard accessories quite heavily. To me, these accessories essentially make it a laptop. Additionally, some of those keyboards cost almost as much as a Kindle Fire

The only logical answer I can conclude is that the Surface is for artists who cannot get the precision or software they require from other tablets and wish to be mobile. Again, take mobility out of that equation and an artist has choices with something like a Wacom Cintiq 13HD which can run anywhere from $999 to $1100, well within the price range of a Surface Pro and keyboard.

What I really do not understand is the price point for both the RT and the Pro. Both can be seen as transformable touch laptops that run Windows 8. However, for around $450.00, you can get a non-transformable Windows 8 touch laptop. This type of laptop is only $100 more than the Surface RT and you can run any kind of Windows app. At $450 less than a Surface Pro, well, it's $450 less than a Surface Pro.

My personal tablet needs are based on price and form factor (small, light, and cheap). Right now, the iPad Mini suits my needs. If I had to buy a new tablet, the Surface would not make my list.