Gojira steals the show

This past Halloween I traveled to Long Island, NY to see Mastodon. I have been a huge Mastodon fan for a while now and was very excited to finally see them live. Gojira was a notable opener for Mastodon on the bill. I had listened to their latest, L'enfant Sauvage and liked it very much.

Gojira absolutely stole that show in a number of ways. Their energy blew me away. The venue had terrible acoustics, yet Gojira sounded as good as possible. Mastodon was a let down mostly because Brent Hinds' microphone was off throughout the entire set. Gojira made my trip worth it and I became a true fan of this band. Here is a video I took of their song "Vacuity" which interestingly enough has become one of my favorite songs by them.