The quest to design a new vinyl record display stand

In 2011, when I began collecting vinyl records again, I wanted a way to display the record I was playing at the time. I was looking for a small stand that was capable of displaying one vinyl record.

While on a museum visit, I came across what appeared to be an unused plastic display stand. It looked like it would have been perfect for this function. I asked a museum employee if I could purchase this item, but they surpassed my expectations and gave it to me for free. This small piece of plastic did exactly what I wanted it to do for the past 4 years.

Unfortunately, this makeshift vinyl record display stand has met its demise by way of an extra hard fall to the floor.

Because of this sudden loss, I set out to design a new vinyl record display stand using this one as a reference. My first iteration was somewhat successful but a bit bulkier in some areas, most notably, the front feet. This was a design choice to minimize cantilevers so the piece could be 3D printer without support.

I plan on making more iterations of this design.