Apple Music has issues

I will spare the wall of text that would outline why I am switching to Apple Music but it is partially because Rdio is shutting down and partially because my daughter finds it convenient. So, while I have been paying for a family plan for the last couple of months, I only started to truly use it myself, this week.

I uncovered two major software bugs and one terrible policy issue.

Software Bug #1 - Clicking on 'Albums' did not work. At all.

iTunes 64bit for Windows 10

I can't speak to other versions of the software, but the Windows 10 version is where I found all of the trouble. On Tuesday, November 17th, 2015, I discovered this "issue". While trying to rebuild my huge Rdio collection in Apple Music, I realized that if I clicked on the 'Albums' tab for ANY artist, I got an endless timeout. Please note, 'Top Albums' worked fine.

I contacted Apple Music Support via Twitter and began a long conversation using Direct Messages. They took my info and told me they were kicking it up to engineering and that it could take days to see any results.

Let's not even get into the fact that text doesn't render correctly if you have installed a different version of the Helvetica Neue font.

This is what I saw when I clicked 'Albums' on ANY artist

To my surprise, yesterday, November 18th, 2015, the issue was fixed. I got phone calls and more Twitter messages letting me know. 

Software Bug #2 - After adding an album to 'My Music', a subsequent search will not recognize that you have already added that album.

iTunes 64bit for Windows 10

Once the first issue was fixed, this new issue popped up. If I clicked on an album after I added it to My Music, the "Remove from My Music" dialog stopped showing up. (See video)

As of this posting, Software Bug #2 has not been fixed. 

Apple confirmed that they were able to recreate these issues on their end.

Policy Issue

It did not sit well with me that I have been essentially doing QA for a multi billion dollar company, for free, as a customer. As a matter of fact, I am paying to help them fix this product. I felt like it was only fair to ask for a credit of 1 month for my Apple Music subscription. This happens all the time with other companies. If Comcast or Verizon have legitimate outages (and boy, do they), they are always willing to offer a courtesy credit for our troubles. It is a very standard practice. 

I spent over 60 minutes on phone calls with at least 3 customer service representatives who all told me that Apple was not equipped to give out full or partial credit whatsoever for Apple Music. They went as far as offering me song and movie credits (which I declined), but they said, if I wanted credit for the service, my subscription would be instantly cancelled. 

It was at that moment I decided to write this article. This entire experience has baffled the hell out of me. How could a company like Apple not QA their product? 5 months in and I am finding these issues? And how could a service launch without the idea that there may be some unhappy customers down the road who would possibly want to remain an Apple Music customer, but would also like some compensation for craziness like this?

I spent my time recording, noting, and explaining major issues for a multi billion dollar company which does not seem to have the ability to credit me $14.95 back to my card for my troubles. I also have been paying for a product that clearly is NOT complete, at least on the Windows side. 

How could any of this be possible?!!?