Discovering Stuart Diamond

I am taking a negotiation course at Villanova University this semester. A few weeks in, I have been introduced to Stuart Diamond. Stuart Diamond is best know for his book, Getting More, and it is part of our curriculum. In it, Diamond covers many different methods and ideas behind solid negotiating skills. 

One of the things I realized is that I have already been employing many of these ideas without actually knowing all of the theory behind them. Reading the book and discussing these ideas and theory in class have been fantastic exercises in understanding the ins and outs of negotiation tactics and also honing what I already know.

Diamond's talk at Google was also part of our coursework as well and I suggest everyone to watch it. The video gives a very good idea of what he was trying to accomplish in the book and it contains some great insight that can be used in everyday situations.

Stuart Diamond's ideas are filled with common sense and are easy to follow. I find his book and his talk very educational and I am happy that I was able to discover him through my class. Stuart Diamond is a walking, talking Life Pro Tip.