Destiny: Year Two

I will start by saying that I did not play one single second of Destiny: Year One for 2 reasons:

  1. I did not own a console.
  2. I did not want to.

Consider my total surprise then, when I decided to buy an Xbox One, got Destiny as a free game, and fell hard for the game which had just begun its second year. I truly believed that Destiny would just be a game I messed around with until newer games and backwards compatibility arrived. Now it seems that I may favor Destiny over anything else that may be available in the near future. How did this happen?

Apparently when I started the game back in September, a lot had already changed and because of these changes, the game was better than it was in Year One. That worked for me as it is the only version of the game I knew. The Taken King had just come out, but I doubted that I would like the game enough to buy the expansion, let alone all of the DLC it required.

So there I was, leveling my Warlock (Blind class pick by the way. I had no idea.) I got him up to around level 14 when I discovered The Crucible. Up until that point, PVE questing was OK, but there was not much there to keep me engaged. As I began PVP, I discovered a whole new game. Destiny, it turns out, is a very fun and satisfying multiplayer FPS with quality map design and game modes. What really sealed the deal for me was when I realized I was gaining the same, if not more XP toward leveling than PVE and the loot rewards at the end of each match seemed much more valuable to me than PVE as well.

It was not long after that I plunked down the cash to buy all the DLC and The Taken King in one fell swoop. What was most important was that this opened up all of the multiplayer modes including Rift, Salvage, and my current favorite, Mayhem Clash. 

It has been roughly 2 months and I am doing Crucible bounties almost everyday. I started a clan and almost have light level 290, which I hear is recommended for raiding. I am PVP focused but my friends and I will do a daily heroic story or even Nightfall on hard once in a while along with the occasional quest. I rely on PVE to break up any PVP frustrations or monotony. Right now, it is a good mix.

I do not know what Destiny was like in Year One and I think that is for the best. But why do I love Destiny so much? It boils down to a few things:

  1. The game plays very well. The control feels very good for an FPS.
  2. More often than not, it feels like network connectivity in multiplayer is solid, so I can do my best (It does have its hiccups though)
  3. The game does a great job with loot. There is always an item to chase or a way to upgrade what you already have and this happens often.
  4. Destiny has been spiced up during the time I have been in game. It has been kept fresh. One weekend was an Iron Banner event (Which I excitedly earned rank 5 in). We are currently in a Halloween event (Festival of the Lost). And I hear that an arena event is just around the corner.
  5. Amazing things happen in multiplayer. This is important for any cornerstone game. I have so many clips of cool stuff happening in Destiny. Part of the reason I play is to be a part of that, whether it is a last minute miracle win or performing an amazing last second denial in Rift (See video).

Right now Destiny is my game of choice. I still find time to sprinkle in a little bit of Hearthstone though. Who would have thought that a year old game that I got for free would be one of my favorite games of this year?!