The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Every now and again a game comes along that grabs my attention unexpectedly. In 2011, that game was The Binding of Isaac. The original had some shortcomings that I overlooked like the lack of controller support and choppy performance. 

With Rebirth, those shortcomings have been resolved. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth comes with controller support the second you boot it up. Also, the sometimes choppy nature of the original is a thing of the past since it is no longer a flash game.

This game grabs me in the way that Rogue Legacy or Hearthstone grab me:

  1. -Easy to pick up
  2. -Easy to put down
  3. -Playthroughs are on the short side
  4. -Playthroughs are always different
  5. -The sound and visuals are engaging and pleasing

Those 5 factors are what make this game great and stand out and is what many new games strive for but very rarely accomplishes.

Sprinkled in between those 5 factors are other great things that add to replayability like the ability to continue a run, more secrets and unlockables, and even local co-op.

BOA:Rebirth was designed to keep players engaged early and often with more frequent and exciting powerups. In this complete run, I got the powerup 'Daddy Long Legs' where a huge shadow followed me around and Daddy's giant foot basically stomped on anything that posed a threat.

I end up feeling way more powerful than I did in the original game, at least on Normal difficulty and that makes it way more fun for me. There is always a sense of wonder about what items and powers I might find. In this case, random is good. Another feature added is seed codes in which you can pause the game and write down a seed code which you can use to build a run around later, after you die.

In the past, you were able to get the original game for about $1. That was an insane value. Owners of the original were able to save almost $5 off the $14.99 price of Rebirth. But I have to say, even if I paid $14.99, the value of this game goes way beyond that especially compared to other games in the price point. It's easy to sink a ton of hours into this game, but more importantly, those hours are usually made up of fun...and excrement.

This is a rare case in which a great game is made better and improved with its reboot.